Nunchaku Basics

The team, the producer, and teacher who brought you the Whip Basics series, now offers a whole new tutorial: “Nunchaku Basics – A Beginners Guide”. Chapter by chapter and step by step, this video is a teaching guide that will help the student to master the Nunchaku. It makes no rash promises. You will not become a “Nunchaku hero” in three days; however, you will see that the Nunchaku is far more than a flashy “weapon of choice”, as portrayed in action movies, or a hit-and-run instrument of violence and destruction. Instead, the viewer will learn that this is a true sporting tool and its use is truly an art in and of itself.

Here, with step-by-step and easy-to-follow instructions, you can learn to use the Nunchaku properly and safely. You will find this skill will improve your hand-eye coordination, will give you a better sense of timing, will sharpen your reflexes, and help you sharpen whole-body coordination.

As with any athletic tool, learning to use the Nunchaku requires patience, consistency, and above all, diligent practice. No one can master a skill like this in a week, or even a month, but if you follow these instructions carefully and don't try to speed things up, you can succeed. If you're willing to invest the time and the patience, this guide will teach you to use the Nunchaku safely and effectively.


Nunchaku Basics will be your guide at your first steps into mastering the Nunchaku. Very slow, very detailed, very safe and absolutely not flashy! Therefore it is called „A Beginners Guide“. And not „Become a Bruce Lee lookalike in three days“… This tutorial takes a whole lot of time for each chapter. Everything is explained over and over again. To help you building a solid and stable foundation.

All you need is passion, the will to learn - and patience.

Over all you will find a lot of material to practice. It will take some time to master all these techniques, but if you follow the instructions and the time table (!) you will have a more than solid base to create your own routines. In a safe way.


Robert Amper is a writer, actor, producer, and native of Munich, Germany, who has been practicing and teaching martial arts for nearly 40 years. He is a 3rd-dregree black belt in Wado-Ryu Karate and Tae Kwon Do. Robert also teaches the art of whip cracking and has produced five Whip Basic DVD tutorials on this area of expertise. His teaching style focuses on a safe and calm learning environment where the student is able to build a personalized routine from a secure, straightforward, user-friendly foundation. Robert is also the founder and administrator of the Whip Basics Forum where people at all levels of experience in the art of whip cracking and whip making can come together to share ideas and advice. You can learn more about the Whip Basics Forum by visiting


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Nunchaku Basics - A Beginners Guide
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